Social Media Surfing – a collection of resources

Inspired by the previous lecture in my Digital Competence course, I did some web-surfing on how to use social media in the classroom. And there really is an OCEAN of possibilities. I therefore decided to collect some of the resources I found to perhaps save some of you  from getting lost at sea.. Les meir


Social media behavior in real life?

I am currently in a Twitter mode. Spending lots of time finding new and interesting people to follow, reading funny tweets and keeping myself updated on different topics. Somewhere along the way I suddenly remembered a YouTube clip I saw a while back. A comment on Twitter as a threat to the English language and the way we communicate perhaps?

How would it be if we talk the way we tweet? 

And how about Facebook. What if we starting acting the same way we do in social media in real life?

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Dagens tips: Korleis dele YouTube-klipp på bloggen

Etter litt prøving og feiling klarte eg ved sist innlegg å dele eit YouTube klipp. Håpar kanskje nokon har sett det? Kid President har alltid mykje fint på hjarta, så ta deg 3 min med han når du treng ein aldri så liten pep-talk!

Dersom du heller ikkje visste korleis ein får lagt ved YouTube klipp i eit blogginnlegg, kan eg meddele at det gjer ein slik:

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