How Digitally Enabled Educators are Using Technology

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Survey Results: Today’s Tech-Aware Educators are Focused on Engaging Students, Learning About New Tools, and Enabling Active Learning.

Lena Leirdal«s insight:

Here you can read about the results of an interesting survey addressing educators» attitudes towards educational and instructional technology. What I fund the most interesting was the responses to the question «What ways do you like to use technology to enable teaching and learning?» where 72% answered » to better engage students». I agree, there are many exiting possibilities for that with technology, but I thought it was even more interesting that the option with the lowest score was «to practice reading and writing» (27%). Shouldn’t teachers strive to combine these two aspects? It was also concerning that only 30% responded that technology in the classroom should play a role in preparing students for their future careers. Perhaps this shows that we still have a long way to go from using digital tools as «entertainment» to actually teaching the 21st century literacy skills? Must remember this survey for my masters thesis!

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