Reflections and resources: The importance of critical thinking

In a digital world with a constant flow of information, critical thinking is more important than ever. According to Fremmedspråksenteret, the ability to critically reflect upon both information and practices is one of the basic foundations in a digital competence. This is also clearly pointed out by the Department of Education, in for instance in Læringsplakaten, where it is stated that it is the school’s responsibility to stimulate the learner to develop his/her own learning strategies and the ability of critical thinking.

Therefore, when I came across this video and some posters about learning critical thinking I thought it might come in handy, not only for my self, but also for my students and my readers? Les meir


«Hello person I’ve never met before! Here’s a high-five!»

A few days ago I felt like taking a study-break with the Kid President. I have previously posted his pep-talk to teachers and students here (which we all should see from time to time), but this time I came across his list of 20 things we should say (or do) more often. Like for instance giving people more high-fives! It came to mind that many of the words from his list is simply basic politeness phrases and useful expressions in your everyday life, and for that reason important for ESL learners as well. I therefore brought it into the classroom for my special needs students, and here´s how it went!

Les meir