Social Media Surfing – a collection of resources

Inspired by the previous lecture in my Digital Competence course, I did some web-surfing on how to use social media in the classroom. And there really is an OCEAN of possibilities. I therefore decided to collect some of the resources I found to perhaps save some of you  from getting lost at sea.. Les meir


The views of the digital natives

The topic for this week’s lectures in my digital competence course is social media. I therefore found this infographic both relevant and interesting as apart of my preparation, since the teens» perspectives of social media should also be taken into account when we as teachers are discussing how we can use (or not use) these medias in our teaching. The infographic is made from a survey performed in America (2012) and showes that more than 90% of teenagers are in some way or another connected to the Internet.

Have a look at the infographic below to learn more about how teens view the pros and cons of social networking.

Les meir

Social media behavior in real life?

I am currently in a Twitter mode. Spending lots of time finding new and interesting people to follow, reading funny tweets and keeping myself updated on different topics. Somewhere along the way I suddenly remembered a YouTube clip I saw a while back. A comment on Twitter as a threat to the English language and the way we communicate perhaps?

How would it be if we talk the way we tweet? 

And how about Facebook. What if we starting acting the same way we do in social media in real life?

Les meir

Facebook – also a place to find teaching resources?

The picture is retrieved from:

The picture is retrieved from:

I felt like writing my next post in English. Hope those of you who prefer reading in Norwegian don´t become too alarmed, startled or taken aback! 😉

You see, I came across a page called where they list the (in their opinion) top 15 Facebook pages for English language teachers. As many of you might have discovered already, Facebook is not only useful for keeping in touch with you friends. It can also be an excellent place for collecting and sharing teaching resource, and a great way of interacting with new communities of teachers all over the world. I follow many of these myself, and find it very useful and inspirational for collecting ideas.

In addition the page itself is a great place to find teaching resources such as short stories, grammar exercises, educational videos, pronunciation and vocabulary tasks, writing tips, various games and more!

Perhaps you have a few minutes to check it out?

Click on the picture to see the page!

Click on the picture to see the page!