How Digitally Enabled Educators are Using Technology

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Survey Results: Today’s Tech-Aware Educators are Focused on Engaging Students, Learning About New Tools, and Enabling Active Learning.

Lena Leirdal«s insight:

Here you can read about the results of an interesting survey addressing educators» attitudes towards educational and instructional technology. What I fund the most interesting was the responses to the question «What ways do you like to use technology to enable teaching and learning?» where 72% answered » to better engage students». I agree, there are many exiting possibilities for that with technology, but I thought it was even more interesting that the option with the lowest score was «to practice reading and writing» (27%). Shouldn’t teachers strive to combine these two aspects? It was also concerning that only 30% responded that technology in the classroom should play a role in preparing students for their future careers. Perhaps this shows that we still have a long way to go from using digital tools as «entertainment» to actually teaching the 21st century literacy skills? Must remember this survey for my masters thesis!

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Digital storytelling in the language classroom

Picture created on Wordl from this blog post

Picture created on Wordle from this blog post

My initial thought when Digital Storytelling appeared on my course schedule was that this was something I had tried myself a few times before, but had a generally skeptical attitude towards. I have therefore only tried it once in the classroom (this fall with my vg1 class), and I did not find it to be a great success at the time. Although, after learning more about Digital Storytelling  in my masters module, I realized that if I were many things I could have done differently and that there is a wide range of possibilities waiting for me to explore!

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