Social Media Surfing – a collection of resources

Inspired by the previous lecture in my Digital Competence course, I did some web-surfing on how to use social media in the classroom. And there really is an OCEAN of possibilities. I therefore decided to collect some of the resources I found to perhaps save some of you  from getting lost at sea.. Les meir


#RabbitProofFence #SubstituteBrilliance #Twitter

As a variety of social medias are highly relevant for my 16/17 year olds, I have been scratching my head thinking I should try and use it in the classroom sometime. In a purposeful and educational way obviously, since it it very much exists there already on a daily basis. One of the medias I find particularly interesting is Twitter, which my collegue Lektor Hernesvold has blogged about on different occasions. So when she was substituting for me last week, guess what! She brought it into the classroom for me, and I LOVED IT! After the students had finished watching the film Rabbit Proof Fence she asked them to simply tweet about it (on ITL though, but still), and I could not stop smiling at my students comments. Here are some of my favorites:

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Trying out collective writing in the classroom

Yesterday, my students were going to work on Aboriginal Australians and learn more about the history of the Stolen Generation. I find this topic very interesting, so I had a lot of ideas about how I wanted to approach the three lessons at hand. I had found a variety of resources that I could use, but as always, the problem isn´t really to find suggestions for contents in a lesson, but to limit myself and finding out what would be the best approach. I wanted them to read something, do some writing, some oral activities, as well as perhaps listen and practice communication skills. And in addition, try out a digital tool.

The choice landed on using NDLA´s tool for collective writing, and use this approach to working with texts as a starting point.

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Digital storytelling in the language classroom

Picture created on Wordl from this blog post

Picture created on Wordle from this blog post

My initial thought when Digital Storytelling appeared on my course schedule was that this was something I had tried myself a few times before, but had a generally skeptical attitude towards. I have therefore only tried it once in the classroom (this fall with my vg1 class), and I did not find it to be a great success at the time. Although, after learning more about Digital Storytelling  in my masters module, I realized that if I were many things I could have done differently and that there is a wide range of possibilities waiting for me to explore!

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Make every class ”LEGEN….wait for it….DARY!”

Those of you who have ever seen the TV show ”How I Met Your Mother” will recognize these words. Barney Stinson is one of the most popular characters, and is particularly known for his awesomeness. Personally, I have seen ALL the episodes, and would consider my self a big fan! I therefore became very interested when I came across an article on about what teachers can learn from Barney Stinson. And I must confess, I would like to be legendary…So here are 5 tips from Mr. Stinson to all teachers out there:

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