Social Media Surfing – a collection of resources

Inspired by the previous lecture in my Digital Competence course, I did some web-surfing on how to use social media in the classroom. And there really is an OCEAN of possibilities. I therefore decided to collect some of the resources I found to perhaps save some of you  from getting lost at sea..





Also check out how some of my colleagues have used social medias in their classrooms:




And finally, an informative infographic for teachers wanting to try out social medias with their students:


Main source for this post:


3 thoughts on “Social Media Surfing – a collection of resources

  1. Reblogged this on Veien mot lektor er digital and commented:
    So many GREAT ideas and resources on Lenas blog this Sunday afternoon.
    When reading the poster, it occurs to me that a lot of these social media sites have more or less the same features/possibilities. As a teacher one would probably have to choose one site to focus on, and let the rest be a supplement. Do you agree?

    • Thanks for feedback and the reblog, Heidi! 🙂 I agree with you that one probably would have to choose one social media to focus on. Better to address and cover one aspect properly instead of reaching over too much and not really getting anything out of it! 🙂

  2. Such great ideas Lena! I think that Facebook can be a useful tool in L2 learning, and it´s obvious that we´re fast moving towards virtual classrooms, which is both exciting and scary…

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