The views of the digital natives

The topic for this week’s lectures in my digital competence course is social media. I therefore found this infographic both relevant and interesting as apart of my preparation, since the teens» perspectives of social media should also be taken into account when we as teachers are discussing how we can use (or not use) these medias in our teaching. The infographic is made from a survey performed in America (2012) and showes that more than 90% of teenagers are in some way or another connected to the Internet.

Have a look at the infographic below to learn more about how teens view the pros and cons of social networking.



2 thoughts on “The views of the digital natives

  1. I’m not surprised by the amount of teenagers having a profile on a social networking site. Nor the fact that their relationships are helped by social networking. But I found it really interesting how high the percentage of teenagers sometimes wanting to unplug was. It makes me consider if social media really is one of the arenas I want to use educationally… I wouldn’t want to add to the pressure of being constantly «online» when there are so many other ways of incorporating digital literacy in the classroom. I’m not saying I wouldn’t use it occationally, though, but maybe not regularly. Did you get any immediate thoughts during today’s lesson on how to use social media in the classroom?

    • I agree with your thoughts on the frequency of social media use in the classroom. We should take into account that over 43% of the (asked) teens wishes to unplug more often, and 41% actually consider themselves addicted. On the other hand, there is the advantages of “meeting the students where they are” and making connections between the subjects and what they spend time on in their everyday life. Perhaps occasional and carefully planned use is the way to go?

      Personally I would like to try out Instagram and Twitter as social medias in the classroom. I have briefly tried out Twitter in as a substitute in Norwegian, but so far not in English. Not sure if I will try out Facebook though, I still have to do some thinking on that one… I wonder if Facebook is so closely linked to their personal life that it would be too challenging for the students to stay focused on the school related task? If so, perhaps more suitable as a channel for information? YouTube on the other hand is a media I have used quite often – mostly as a way of catching my students attention when introducing a new topic, or as a starting point for related discussion topics.

      Tip: Check out how my colleagues have used social media in their teaching:




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