Reflections and resources: The importance of critical thinking

In a digital world with a constant flow of information, critical thinking is more important than ever. According to Fremmedspråksenteret, the ability to critically reflect upon both information and practices is one of the basic foundations in a digital competence. This is also clearly pointed out by the Department of Education, in for instance in Læringsplakaten, where it is stated that it is the school’s responsibility to stimulate the learner to develop his/her own learning strategies and the ability of critical thinking.

Therefore, when I came across this video and some posters about learning critical thinking I thought it might come in handy, not only for my self, but also for my students and my readers?

This video is a part of the University of British Columbia Learning Commons three-minute tutorials series.

I also thought their visualization of important questions to ask as a critical thinker to be quite informative and useful:

I also came across this poster that might come in handy. I like the way they have connected Bloom’s Taxonomy with Critical Thinking Skills:

Digital media provides us teachers, our schools and our students great opportunities and access to updated sources, but developing a critical approach to the sources takes both time and knowledge. I will most definitely save both the posters and the videoclip and spend some time on it with my students as the writing day (and possible written and oral exams) are getting dangerously near. I should also probably spend some time on this myself, as I believe this is a life-long learning process and that you can never «graduate» as a critical thinker!



2 thoughts on “Reflections and resources: The importance of critical thinking

  1. Great video resource and reflective blog post!

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