Can stress kill you?

With lots to do in my masters program, as well as English essays  in need of assessment piling up at work, I am feeling a bit stressed. But what else is new? I am always a bit stressed. Even when I might not have a reason to be. So when I came across this video, I was intrigued, and also a bit worried. Can being stressed affect my health? Or worse. Can you actually die from being too stressed?

Watch this to find out!

In my opinion, a great and illustrative clip. I think that the channel AsapSCIENCE has many good ones. You might also be interested in finding out the answers to questions like:

Perhaps something to be inspired by and use in the classroom? (I also just discovered that if you press the «CC» button on the bottom wright you get subtitles as well).

But back to my question. Luckily I calmed down when they concluded with the quote:

«So when life gets the best of you, just remember, you don´t have to do it alone. Spend some time with those you love – it may just save your life»

Therefore I am now making waffles and inviting some friends over. The work can wait until tomorrow!

(Perhaps I then I will need to watch «weird ways to burn 200 calories»??)


3 thoughts on “Can stress kill you?

  1. I got a bit worried when I read your post, because I forgot to press the more-button at first! PLEASE don’t die! I find making waffles a bit stressful, but I hope you don’t! I’m definitely going to check out the rest of the videos you posted. And again: don’t die on me!! 🙂

  2. Waffles are good for mind, heart, soul and tummy 🙂
    Love the channel! 😀 Good to see that you found the CC function. Did you know that there is a «watch later» function as well? (It is the clock icon in the bottom right corner. The icon will also appear in on the recommended videos in the right colum if you place your pointer above your video of interest.)

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