Social media behavior in real life?

I am currently in a Twitter mode. Spending lots of time finding new and interesting people to follow, reading funny tweets and keeping myself updated on different topics. Somewhere along the way I suddenly remembered a YouTube clip I saw a while back. A comment on Twitter as a threat to the English language and the way we communicate perhaps?

How would it be if we talk the way we tweet? 

And how about Facebook. What if we starting acting the same way we do in social media in real life?

Makes you think, does’t it? 😛

In case you also have a Twitter account – here are some accounts that I would recommend you to follow:



Just for fun:


Perhaps you might be interested in following me as well? (@LenaLeirdal) Not that it is a great amount of activity there at the moment, but who knows? Maybe we could start using Twitter to promote our blogposts?

Anyone you follow that you recommend?


14 thoughts on “Social media behavior in real life?

  1. Btw, it is @WolFpackAlan (and not @WoldpackAlan).

    I love that Jimmy Fallon clip. I follow him on YouTube (shocker – not), and he has so much fun content. He recently made a new #hashtag-sketch with Jonah Hill. Every Wednesday, on Twitter (I follow him there too), he sends out a hashtag with a funny topic and asks his followers to reply. Hashtags like: #MisheardLyrics, #AwkwardBreakup and so on. I think he links to most of the videos through his Twitter account. For a 5 min «laughter break» it is definitely worth checking out.

    I have not looked at Twitter as anything other then entertainment and time-wasing. What you write here, and in a previous post, makes me rethink that, and makes me want to look at it form a different angle. Thanks 🙂

  2. The facebook-clip, so good for making the students aware of their (and our own) online behavior!

  3. Very nice. Thanks for sharing! I learn a lot from you students. Hah, I never actually thought of following people on Youtube! Now I know what I can spend Friday night doing. Or maybe I will do it the old fashioned way: watching TV;-)

    • Haha, that could definitely keep you occupied 😉 I´ve heard of the old fashioned way…Before YouTube, Blog and Netflix was it? I also have a weak recollection of a day where I ONLY watched something without my dear friend «the iPhone» close by constantly reminding me of the digital social world I should stay updated on… Perhaps I´ll give the old fashioned way a go myself tonight. With popcorn!

      • Popcorn it is. Considering practising my five or six chords on the mini guitar whilst waiting for the good stuff to begin. Hope you got my email about Wednesday.

  4. Haha, how illustrative! Educational tweeting is a great idea to stay updated. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Tilbakeping: If Social Media Websites Were People | Veien mot lektor er digital

    • Haha, thanks for the tip! 😀 This one really shows on how much we can actually find out about other people without every having met them in person!

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