20 collaborative Google Apps activities for schools | Ditch That Textbook

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Google Apps are collaborative, which makes them highly powerful. They offer opportunities for students to engage unlike ever before. Here are 20 ideas.

Lena Leirdal«s insight:

Wow! I had no idea Google had so many useful apps for educational use! Not sure I would vote to «ditch that textbook» in total, but I am definately going to have a closer look at these possibilities. Check out this list with 20 concrete ideas for classroom use (documents, presentations, spreadsheet, drawings, forms, sites, moderator and other apps)!

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One thought on “20 collaborative Google Apps activities for schools | Ditch That Textbook

  1. Love the title of the web site: «ditch that textbook»! Thanks for sharing Google Apps. I think it could work as a great supplement in the language classroom. In terms if ditching the textbook, I think the main challenge is economical. The law of education states that educational material should be for free. In primary and lower secondary we can hence not expect or demand pupils to own personal laptops or tablets. What is more, I think an issue is that textbooks are written by professionals who mind the Knowledge Promotion curriculum, whereas Google Apps is collaborative and made by peers. My experience is that critical awareness of sources is still a skill that comes hard for pupils at lower levels. However, I’m delighted that we can increasingly facilitate varied and exciting digital learner activities!

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