Striking a Balance: Digital Tools and Distraction in School

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This school year I joined the staff of a 1:1 high school here in Philadelphia. Students at the school have access to their own devices, which they take home with them. Although I’ve taught for many y

Lena Leirdal«s insight:

This is indeed a challenging balance for many teachers in a high-tech classroom. In my experience the greatest time- and focus-thief tend to be social media (either on smart phone or on the internet), both during classes and probably when they are doing their homework as well. In class I often have to give far to many messages like “put away your phone!” and “eyes up here”. I like that this article directs attention to asking how we can teach students to integrate technology into their schoolwork while also staying focused. This is a topic in need for continuous focus and discussion in the age of distraction and in the digital classroom that is here to stay.

“It´s about using the devices smartly and having the capacity to concentrate as you need to, when you want to.”

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One thought on “Striking a Balance: Digital Tools and Distraction in School

  1. Thanks for sharing this one. I am currently reading (if not at this exact moment, hence the topic…) Rheingolds «Net Smart». Chapter one deals with attention and the issue of multitasking vs switching between activities.

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